Laurence Cuny is a human rights lawyer with 20 years experience in human rights defenders, cultural rights and artistic freedom. She has been an independent consultant since 2006 providing training, strategy setting, monitoring and evaluation services to  the UN Human Rights Office (Report on artistic freedom and report on the impact of advertising and marketing on cultural rights), the EU (training and evaluations) as well as civil society organisations (Freemuse, FreeDimensional or Norwegian Refugee Council). Before this she taught international law at the Graduate Institute for International Studies and managed the human rights defender program at OMCT in Geneva. She is a member of the Observatoire de la liberté de création, the French monitoring body on artistic freedom. She works on individual cases, national legislation and training material to enhance artists’ protection. She is also a member of Arts Rights Justice working on training and cases for the UN mechanisms. In 2012 she co-founded Lisière Residency, set in France, to host artists at risk and provide them with artistic connexions and human rights support. Working languages: English, French and Spanish.

Examples of Laurence’s work:


Freemuse – Evaluation (2016) UN advocacy programme (desk review, interviews key stakeholders, recommendations for strategic orientations to enhance the impact of UN work).

Co-founder of Lisière Residency, France, a member of Resartis (2012), to host artists at risk and provide them with artistic connexions and human rights support.


Arts Rights Justice (since 2011) – Training material with case studies on artistic freedom for cultural actors and human rights organizations / trainings / speaker

Training on case submission to the UN and advocacy / writing funding proposals / protection of artists / hosting residencies / legislation : IETM, ARJ, ECPM, Arts Everywhere.

Observatoire de la liberté de création (since 2012) –  Training material, cases, law on artistic freedom

Research, Evaluation and Writing

 European Instrument for democracy and human rights (ongoing) – Evaluation of global and local framework contracts (culture, human rights defenders), support desk for EU partners on project cycle management, facilitator at the annual partnership forum

Working with Legal Frameworks

 UN Special Rapporteur on cultural rights (2012, 2014) – legal review, coordination and facilitation of experts’ meeting, drafting of report and recommendations, public presentation at the UN in Geneva.

OMCT / Federation internationale des droits de l’Homme (2001-2003), Program manager Human Rights Defenders / Un advocacy / Cases / annual report  / fact finding missions